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Since I run a private practice, the costs are not covered by the German statutory health insurance funds. However, some private health insurance companies cover at least parts of the costs. Also, you can get a part of the costs reimbursed by additional insurance for “Heilpraktiker Services”. Whether this possibility is applicable in your case, we can clarify in your first consultation. For couples therapy and workshops, the costs will not be covered by health insurance or supplementary insurance.

For low-income clients/couples, I offer special rates. Feel free to ask.

Systemic counselling and therapy

… as individual therapy (in my practice, online or telephone)

Duration up to 50 minutes   € 85,-

Counselling- / Therapy process I (6×50 min): € 450,-

Counselling- / Therapy process II (10×50 min): € 780,-

Psychotherapy is exempt from VAT as a curative or preventive treatment according to § 4 no. 14 letter a UStG.

… as couple therapy (per couple)

Duration up to 80 minutes     € 130,-
Duration up to 100 minutes    € 180,-

Counselling- / Therapy process I (6×80 min): € 700,-

Counselling- / Therapy process II (10×80 min): € 1150,-

Couple therapy is exempt from VAT  according to § 19  UStG.

For students (and similar groups with low income), I offer special rates. Feel free to ask. e.g:

  • 50 min: € 80,-
  • 6 x 50 min: € 400,-
  • 10 x 50 min: € 700,-

Cancellation of appointments

Of course, you can cancel an appointment by e-mail or telephone – even without a reason. In order to be able to plan well, I would ask you to inform me at least 48 hours before the agreed date about your cancellation. I will then send you a confirmation of your cancellation by e-mail as soon as possible.

Please understand that a cancellation fee will be charged for appointments that are not cancelled in time.

Cancellation Fee

… for cancellations between 47 and 25 hours before the agreed date 50% of the hourly rate

… in case of cancellations less than 24 hours before the agreed date 80 % of the hourly rate

Terms of payment

For your first session, I will charge the fee right after the consultation. You can pay via PayPal or by EC card directly after the session. You will then receive an invoice for the payment after the session via E-Mail. For longer consultation or therapy processes, you can also transfer the fees some days after each session.

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