Online Counseling



Online counselling
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You need counselling but you cannot or do not want to come to my practice? No problem- we can meet online.

Online counselling has many advantages: Sometimes it is not possible to seek advice locally. Or you may feel more comfortable with indirect contact via an electronic medium. The modern media offer many advantages which I like to use in my practice:

  • You are locally flexible: you can take advantage of advice from home or from the other side of the world.
  • You can book an appointment quickly and easily.
  • If you are away from home for a longer period of time, the counselling process does not have to be interrupted, as you can be reached online (almost) anywhere.
  • The effort to come to the consultation is much lower for you.

If you consider online counselling, you should also pay attention to the following points:

  • Take your time, especially before and after counselling. It might be difficult to slip back into your daily routine right after your session.
  • Is the issue you want to discuss suitable for online counselling? Some methods, e.g. constellations can only be used in my practice. If you are insecure, ask me in our initial meeting.
  • If you experience an acute crisis, online counselling is NOT the right means for you. In this case, you should get help locally.

You can always choose if we always want to meet online via video or telephone or if you want to come to some individual sessions online, but otherwise take advantage of personal consultations.

What do I need for the online consultation?

  • Computer, IPad, Smartphone with microphone and camera (in case of video chats).
  • A reliable internet connection.

How does online consulting work?

    1. You can make an appointment for the desired form of consultation (telephone/video) using the contact form on this homepage or by e-mail. Please let me know your contact details and a short description of your request. Please allow up to  24 hours for a reply.
    2. I will send you a confirmation of your appointment with a code to the chat room. At the agreed time, you click on the link and you will be transferred to a secure video chatroom. Be sure to check the functionality of your electronic device prior to your appointment.

In the initial consultation, we clarify your request, check out if my approach is suitable for you and discuss future modalities (dates, procedures, payment modalities).