What can I expect in counselling and therapy?

Counselling and therapy offer a space to discuss everything that is important to you. Trust comes first: everything that is discussed during the therapy is subject to confidentiality and is not disclosed to third parties.

My understanding of therapy is based on a relationship at eye level in which you retain control over the situation at all times: we only discuss topics that you would like to address, you always have the opportunity to take a step back and consider whether the proposed path is the right one for you at the moment or whether the targeted step is still too big for you. It is YOUR therapy, YOUR development. You yourself are the expert, I can only help you to apply your knowledge and skills more efficiently, to search more effectively for solutions, to try new paths. Therapy offers the opportunity to explore, try out and apply new facets of who you want to be in a safe environment. It is about understanding (Why do I do this?) as well as the associated emotional reactions (How do I feel about it?). Last but not least it is about the practical application of what you have learned in therapy in your everyday life.

Basically, therapy is a very individual journey of discovery in which you are the tour guide and I help you to better understand and speak the language of the countries you are traveling to. As on any trip, there will be simple and difficult stages, but in the end, you should have the rewarding feeling of returning from your journey to a more satisfying everyday living.

Quelle: Pixabay